The translation fields we work in most and have the greatest skills in are the following:
  • Medicine, Veterinary and Pharmacology: scientific articles, training manuals, medical devices, clinical trials, product monographs, SPCs (Summary of Product Characteristics), package inserts, manufacturing plans, clinical studies and tests, expert reports, informed consents and MSDSs (Material Safety Data Sheets).
  • Information Technology and electronic data transmission: software and hardware manuals, operational systems, and programs.
  • Patents: patents and brands.
  • Law: contracts, white papers, specifications, legal and notarized documents, technical specification, EEC directives and those of other institutions.
in addition to
  • Economics and administration: regulations, balance sheets, board of directors minutes, company presentations and plans, competitive tenders, statutes, and quality certifications.
  • Insurance and banking: policies, insurance forms and contracts, and bank certificates and procedures.
  • Marketing and advertising: press releases, intercompany communications, company profiles, projects, market research, and product labelling.
  • Technique: mechanics, multimedia electronics, technical specifications and analyses, manuals, reports, competitive tenders, catalogues, safety indications and standards, planning criteria, and websites.
  • Publishing: books, texts, and articles.

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